Memeflate 2.0 MARKET-PLACE

“Created by Creators 4 Creators”




$MFlateable tokenomics


*Tax total: 15%

*Max buy: 1%

*Max transactions: 10

*6% dev wallet for $MFT & $MFLATE

*2% $MFLATE reflection

*3% BNB reflection

*2% auto liquidity $MFT

*2% Burn $MFT




*massive 1 to 30% in Redistribution


*Redistribution is split between, Holders, PancakeSwap and dead address.


*Holders can vote on this rate


learn how to make a passive income while holding.

$MFlate  RoadMap

Road to Bristol Balloon Fiesta

2022Let the talking commence
MemeFlate & Bristol Balloon Fiesta

MemeFlate $MFLATE Ltd

MemeFlates goal is to be the number 1 Market-Place for global and local services, to achieve this goal and gain maximum exposure in 2022 MemeFlate is in talks with Bristols international balloon fiesta to become a partnering/sponsor of their annual event.  

* MemeFlate will partner with Bristol fiesta in 2022.

*Market and Promote the coming of this event once customized price is given by the festival.

*Email correspondents to and from MemeFlate & Bristol Balloon fiesta.  festival since October 2021.

Update 1 : MemeFlate as been invited to a meeting with the fiesta on the 17th on November to discuss partnership .

Update 2: MemeFlate had its meeting on the 17th. At this this meeting we discussed the nature of MemeFlates busniess and showcased the community & crypto related achievements and future prospects.
The festival agent was impressed and agreed that we could sponders/partner the event, below are costs of the partnership and campaign.

🎈Road to bristol balloon fiesta🎈

Cost of sponders/partnership💰

To have a custom MemeFlate hot air Balloon built + pilot x £80,000 - £90,000💰

Choice of morning or afternoon take offs for 3 days × £15,000 discounted (£7,000) per day

🎈Road to Bristol Balloon Fiesta🎈


*Open up Fundraising pool

*Contact local and national news stations about the project and the fiesta for coverage.

*Seek Crypto partnerships/sponders
Such as etc.

*Raise partial funds by the success of $MFT pre sale and launch, holders of both $MFT & $MFLATE will benefits from goal being achieved.

*Market and promote the event across social media to gain support.

MemeFlate would like community thoughts and feedback about this opportunity and will updated the website road map in the coming days with more information.

This event would be the first of its kind for a crypto project/company and the first of its kind in the U.K

MemeFlate will start a campaign to achieve this monumental opportunity in the coming weeks.

$MFlateable Jobs