MemeFlate Crypto Utility Tokens

$MFlate Holders
$MFT Holders

Giveaways & Competitions

$MFT Dev Token

$ $MFlateable Tokenomics
  • Max Wallet limit: 1%
  • Tax Total: 5%
  • 2% Dev Wallet For $MFT & MFlate
  • 1% BNB Reflection
  • 2% Auto Liquidity
  • 1% $MFLATE Rewards
  • Stake MFT with us or our partners

$MFlate Gaming Token

$ Simple Tokenomics 75% Burned
  • Massive 1 to 30% in Redistribution
    (currently 1% for game play)
  • Redistribution is Split Between Holders, PancakeSwap and Null Address
  • Holders Can Vote On This Rate
  • Lean How To Make A Passive Income While Holding
  • Use for Playe2Earn Games
Jackpot loto

$MFLATE/$MFT Roadmap

Timeline 2021

2021 Summery

New developer and small business owner takes over and a rebrands MemeFlate original concept and Use-Case 16.06.2021.
Incorporation of MemeFlate $MFLATE Ltd 26.09.21

2021 achievements (6 months)

$MFLATE Azbit listing.
$MFLATE Latoken listing.
$MFLATE Feg ex listing.
$MFLATE Tech rate audit.
$MFLATE Logo In trust wallet.

Current website and Web3 features

2 step verification crypto currency wallets (deposit, transfer, withdraw selected currencies)

Merchandise store (open to designers)

Facebook type profile and community interaction (community centre)

Rewards (earn small amounts of crypto for site interaction)

$MFLATE web3 Jackpot game.
$MFLATE Web3 voting tool.
$MFT Web3 staking.

2022 Q1

Launch MemeFlates second Token $MFLATEABLE

After a successful dex-sale MemeFlate has put funds and resources in to restructuring and rebranding its platform and adding more Web3 Features to its marketplace.

  • Website revamped for 2022
  • $MFlateable $MFT staking released.
  • $MFT Partnership with (stake and earn)
  • $MFT Partnership with TasteNFT (Staking and earn)
  • Create brand awareness via social media (marketing).
  • Create professional ad content (marketing).

Run give aways and trading competitions (marketing).

Recruit content creators for freelance work on (marketing).


  • Release NFTs, Chainlink integrated NFTstaking + Rewards token DirtLifeTM & game.

via our NFT & Gaming site

  • List $MFT on Latoken via $MFLATE swap.
  • Apply for CoinGeko.
  • Release a selection of games one by one for our DirtlifeNFT and Gaming site that use $MFLATE  & DirtLifeTM to play(Play2earn).
  • Aim to have around 25/50 content creators signed up to


Release monthly newsletters to subscribers of

Look at exchange listing options.

Release Chainlink integrated V2 $MFT staking + Chainlink VRF V2 Game.

Start to look at integrating $MFLATE as a payable option for Freelancers.

Apply for CoinMarketCap

Aim to house 100+ content creators.


We will expect to have our Marketplace be a one stop shop for services and freelancers being paid through

Begin to promote advertising other project/companies through our Memeflate.20 Marketplace.

Open Mini Exchange (small exchange offering selected crypto currencies for trading).

$MFlateable Jobs

$MFlateable Jobs