Memeflate 2.0 for name sake is the re emergents of MemeFlate.
The original developer could no longer give the projected the time it deserved and would require.
The project was then picked up by myself, Mr Mflate2.0 a small businesses owner with the knowledge and experience needed to turn nothing into something. With 373 community members at the time of writing this white-paper, i will set out with a solid team comprised of community and personal relations on a 2 year plan, which will launch the MemeFlate to new found heights.


Memeflate has facilitated a powerful Market-Place with multi functional hosting from the off-set of inception.

 Still keeping in line with the ‘original Idea’ the developer had in mind, we now want to expand and widen the spectrum.

The Memeflate Market-Place platform is made by creatives for creatives and we ‘House’

memes/vines/graphic designs/art/tattooist/photography/video and music production and many more.

Under or Skilled services section you will find services ranging from,

Wedding/Party Planners/Catering/PersonalTrainers/musical lesson Builders.

This list will continue to grow over time.

An added benefit to our platform is whilst being a Crypto token we have the reach to find and be found by free-lancers and service personnel all across the world looking to offer their service for hire.


At the Memeflate2.0 Market-Place we are comprised of a team of passionate creatives running the show behind the scenes, we have an eye for spotting talented individuals and love to see others excel! we will offer content creators a ‘House’.

The MemeFlate2.0 Market-Place,

is currently offering free sign up packages to talented individuals that create a profile and post an Mjob, this sign up also includes but not limited to 5 Trillion $Mflate tokens, listing their works on our memeflate.io website,

a top notch interactive platform where all creators can receive and send direct messages to and from clients!, easy set up, upload content, pricing guidelines, fees and alot more perks to unpack.

As a added bonus content creators and service personnel will have our online $MFlateable Community Centre where all memebrs of memeflate.io can interact with one another, post pictures, tags, videos, files, gifs, get blue check verified by admin and find help & support,

As well as continues marketing and promotion across all our social media platforms and more.

Content creators will also be offered a chance to submit designs for our online merchandise store and earn All the profit of the sales the creators designs are featured on.

Getting USE to the USE CASE

MemeFlate2.0 Market-Place first main use case is in which a paying customer looking for content or services for personal or businesses reasons, will come to our platform and automatically be introduced to an ever growing portfolio of creators and services around the Glob to suit their needs or acquired taste.

The purchasing of our creators and service personnel works takes place in 2 ways at memeflate2.0

1.e-commerce,credit/debit card or paypal (fiat)

2. All user that sign up have instant access to their own 2 step verification $MFlateable crypto wallet where users can deposits selected currencies, transfer between users with just the receivers user name, and withdraw funds to an external wallets, for added protection users will have to confirm each and every transaction via email before funds are sent.

Payment in this manor is what makes our services versatile.

The end goal is to make memeflates $Mflate an accepted crypto utility across our platform where we can show case our unique tokenomics and offer users variables rates of redistribution for using our utility.


With a ever advancing world and new technology making its way into the market, MemeFlate will not limit itself but expand into areas it can see itself operating in, such as Apps, Gaming, NFT and full development of other projects looking to bring their platforms to life,

One way in doing this will be by offering services to personal and business clientele,

in which they can chose to have their own websites and apps built and designed by MemeFlates hand picked content Creators them-self with exclusive offers and package deals.

By this time in our projects existence we will be making big strides to insure MemeFlates $Mflate Utility token can be an accepted way of payments with in projects that have used our services.

TOKENOMICS this TOKENOMICS that (Mflate! DFlates?)

A deflationary token reduces the token supply over time, increasing the value of the remaining supply. MemeFlate ($Mflate) accomplishes this in two ways.

50% of the initial token supply was burned at launch. As a result the burn wallet is the top MemeFlate holder, and due to the redistribution mechanics it receives a large percentage of the transaction tax. Currently over 62% of transaction tax is burned/removed from the token supply forever. This number will only increase over time making $Mflate more valuable.

By now we all know about all different ways Tokenomics can vary coin to coin.

Where Memeflate differs from most, is that the redistribution can be set at a fix %

(1 to 30%), hourly/daily/weekly this gives the contract owner(Mr Mflate Doxxed) and the community the unique ability to use this as a tool for marketing and promoting the MemeFlate2.0 Market-Place and $Mflate utility use case, mixed in with some fun ways the community can have a BIG part to play in how our price floor is built and maintained.

We aslo offer an easy why holders of $MFlate can vote via our websites Community tax vote form, simple connect your wallet select your proposed tax amount, 1 to 30%

and the amount of $MFlate you wish to use (100 minimum) and submit you vote. You will then see the amounts you submitted to that number.

When voting is closed by the contract owner the tokens are sent to the burn address and the leading vote replaces the current tax rate.

(no pump and dump zone!)


As a smaller business owner I am already known through social media and in person by my personal clients and I am easily accessible.

With this in mind, myself the contact owner am Doxxed for full transparency. I along with a small team will now take the time to building a solid Company and Platform within the crypto space by treating MemeFlate like a normal start up Company outside of it, which doesn’t consist with ‘listing‘ after ‘listing‘ or pump and dump before the, lambo!

but rather consist of a vision and a well thought out plan to execute this.

As the new contract owner, Ownership was signed over to me, and has not been renounced!!

renouncing ownership would sever access to the redistribution functions built into the smart contract meaning no adjustment to tax!?! No unique benefit to holding out side of its use case!, no fun for the community!! and most of all no way to control our growth or coin stability.

This Token can offer long term holders of the project a lot of re-distribution and passive income.

If in the future the community decides that the security of renounced ownership outweighs the benefits of the variable redistribution rate mechanics, ownership will be renounced.

I currently looking for like minded individuals from all walks of life, to join me, the team and community on our journey to achieve greatness.

NEW Developer of Memeflate since 16/06/21

ceo of memeflate (MemeFlate2.0)


Mr Mflate.20

Roché Dixon

The not so SMALL print???

I invested in Memeflate 4/5days into the original may 16th launch, as I liked the concept.

I then invested accordantly over the coming weeks. On the day the price really tanked!! I offered my assistant to the then dev who expressed he could no longer manage the project.

That was the same day the he handed me contract ownership and emptying his memeflate deplorer wallet of 1.2 and handing it to me.

Just before this I held around 8 quad and after this I held around 9.5 quad

My intention are and will be to use my own personal tokens and allot them into wallets for MEMEFLATS business uses and to ultimately fund this project long term.

An example of this would be, I have, and will continue to use my tokens in exchange to recruit key team members who truly believe in the project.., smaller promotions, air drops and give-aways, in addition to this I will use my own personal wallet to fund listings, but only if I feel it is necessary whilst we build our platform. By doing this I aim to have my own personal wallet at around 4% and using the smart contract I have excluded my owners address from tax meaning it will receive no redistribution for the foreseeable future! thisķ helps the token massively when it comes to supply and re distribution %.

I have allotted 1.88 quad to a make shift dev wallet which I will be adding a name tag to.

This wallet is for the team at Memeflate and myself to use to help pay for minor or major things along the way, when funds are taken from this wallet it will always be voted on by the community first as it can impact the price, but because we have control of the tax this can also be used so that holders gain more from dev wallet sells.

This can all be discussed with in our community on what is best for the token and its future.