MemeFlate White-Paper

MemeFlate2.0 mission

Inflate $MFlate & become $MFlateable


Despite the immense growth of e-commerce, market-place concept and crypto trading volume customers can only be allowed to make transactions via traditional methods. This will limit the growth of e-commerce and market place in the future. We all know that the next gens will always be ready to adopt changes and left behind the companies can’t get vision. With the awareness of both clients and freelancers continue to seek for more freedom, more interaction and performance-oriented solutions for market-place concepts we are ready to announce our vision, Mr. Mflate2.0

MemeFlate2.0 Vision

Our vision is to build a new concept market place where customers and freelancers are engaged with more freedom and more interaction. We are ready to build a design-to-earn platform for freelancers where they can re-design the world and the future.

MemeFlate2.0 marketplace a freelance & services website
with Web3 compatibility

MemeFlate has facilitated a powerful Market-Place with multi-functional features from the off-set of inceptions and within the first seven month we have added for web3 features to our Market-Place.

The MemeFlate Market-Place platform is made by creatives for creatives and we 'House' Web development/ graphic designs/art/tattooist/photography/video and music production. We are in full control of the Market-Place and we can add additional services based on customer demand, always leaving room for the Market-Place to grow.

Under or Skilled services section you will find services ranging from, Wedding/Party Planners/Catering/Personal Trainers/musical lesson. This list will continue to grow over time. An added benefit to our platform is whilst being a Crypto token we have the reach to find and be found by free-lancers and service personnel across the world looking to offer their service for hire. We have excellent start up packages for freelancers that are interacted in to the Market-Place for them to select before posting jobs.

The MemeFlate project has recently undergone reconstruction in 2022 and will now begin to market the project with professional advertise to show case its new look and recruit freelancers in all relevant fields.

We Are Creators For Creators

At the MemeFlate2.0 Market-Place we are comprised of a team of passionate creatives running the show behind the scenes, we have an eye for spotting talented individuals and love to see others excel! We will offer A 'House' content creators.

The MemeFlate2.0 Market-Place, The Project is currently offering free sign-up packages to talented individuals by personal invitation to create a profile and post an $Mjob, This sign up also includes but not limited to xxx $MFT Tokens, and free advertisement from the project around the world.

MemeFlate offers its users a top-notch interactive platform, where all content creators can receive and send direct messages to and from clients to discuss requirements before undergoing services, upload content, pricing guidelines, fees and a lot more perks to unpack.

As an added bonus content creators and service personnel will have our online $MFlateable Community Centre where all members of can interact with one another, post pictures, tags, videos, files, gifs, get blue check verified by admin and find help & support, as well as continues marketing and promotion across all our social media platforms to attract more users looking for services we offer. Content creators will also be offered a chance to submit designs for our online merchandise store and earn all the profit of the sales the creators’ designs are featured on.

Getting use to the Use Case

MemeFlate2.0 Market-Place main use case is in which a customer looking for content or services for personal or business reasons will come to our platform and automatically be introduced to an ever-growing portfolio of creators and services around the Globe to suit the customers required skill needs. The purchasing of our creators and service personnel works takes place in 2 ways at memeflate2.0 Market-place

  • E-commerce, credit/debit card or PayPal (fiat)​​​

  • All users that sign up to gain instant access to their own 2 step verification $MFlateable crypto wallet where all users can deposits selected crypto currencies, transfer between users with just the receiver’s username, and withdraw funds to an external wallet, for added protection users will have to confirm each and every transaction via email before funds are sent. Payment in this manor is what makes our services versatile.​​

The end goal is to make MemeFlates $MFLATE and $MFT an accepted crypto utility across our platform where we can show case our unique tokenomics and offer users variables rates of redistribution for using our utility online.

Expanding The Picture

With an ever-advancing world and new technology making its way into the market MemeFlate brand which consist of $MFLATE and $MFT will not limit itself but expand into areas it can see itself operating in, such as App development, Gaming, NFT and more.

MemeFlate will then offer package deal to personal and business looking for skilled services to help develop their own projects. By this time in our projects existence, we will be making big strides to insure MemeFlates $Mflate Utility token can be an accepted way of payments with in projects that have used our services.

A Freelancer Centric Environment is a design-to-earn platform where freelancers earn as they design more. With additional expenses freelancers have chance to introduce their talents, engage closely with the costumers in the environment. offering flateable-cubes for freelancers to show their talents and works to customers. Details of the talent-cubes as follows;​

Mflateable-cube will allow freelancers to showcase of their works on the main sliders of the with the information of cost and duration of the work

MMflateable-cube will allow freelancers to reach customers with the’s promoting system via socail media

MMMflateable-cube will allow freelancers to showcase of their works on the main sliders of the with the information of cost and duration and also allow them reach customers with the’s promoting system via social media

The customer side of the will be focused on the hiring the best possible talent, with a best possible price and time in a transparent and safe environment. Customers have chance to contact and understand the freelancer’s talents, capabilities and attitudes towards the job. Also, customers can reach the comments and ratings about the freelancer’s previous services.