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has been making great strides in becoming a reputable company and competitor in the fiat & crypto Market-Place sector and has covered a lot of ground pretty quickly.

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Freelance for hire Market-Place usecase

$MFlateable Crypto Wallet

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$MFlate Community Centre.

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Listings & bonus goals 

*Azbit Listing

*Latoken Listing

*CMC & CoinGeko Track listing

*TechRate full audit

*MemeFlate logo in Trust Wallet

We now have some great opportunities knocking at our door that will bring MemeFlate $MFlate Ltd to the forefront of crypto!!

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Company Number: 13588470

$MFlateable $MFT Token

Details/ UseCase

Name: $Mflateable Token
Symbol: $MFT
Supply: 100,000,000,000


UseCase for $MFT

$MFT is to assist the MemeFlate brand & $MFLATES future.

Benefits to $MFLATE holders?

$MFLATE holders will benefits from a variable 6% $MFT BNB dev wallet.
This will help promote and list $MFLATE on bigger exchanges & build MemeFlate usecase which is tied to $MFLATE.

$MFLATE holders count will increase due to $MFT holders Receiving 2% in $MFLATE reflection.

Benefits to $MFT holders?

$MFT holders will benefits from the popularity of MemeFlates brand & automatically receive $MFLATE in reflection to HOLD. By HOLDING $MFLATE
$MFT holders will see the same benefits as $MFLATE holders.

$MFT holders will benefits from 3% BNB reflection to purchase $MFT, $MFLATE or withdraw these funds as they see fit.

3% auto liquidity will be added to $MFT PancakeSwap pool & 2% burn with every transaction.

$MFlateable Tokenomics

Total Tax: 15%

Max buy: 1%

Max translation: 10

6% Dev wallet for $MFT & $MFLATE

2% $MFLATE reflection

3% BNB reflection

2% auto liquidity $MFT

2% Burn $MFT

All taxes adjustable by MemeFlate and range from 15 to 30%

The MemeFlate eco system

$MFT is $MFlates support system Token, its core use is to InFlate $MFlate in becoming |$MFLATEABLE.

$MFT will help to keep the wheels turning at MemeFlate $MFlate Ltd,
with a 7% dev wallet to share. With a successful pre-sale funds will be used to automatically list $MFlate on various tier 3 Exchanges. and market both Brands heavily

After pre sale $MFT will be launched on PancakeSwap with a Locked forever Liquidity pool just like $MFLATEs.

Holders of $MT will be able to use it along side $MFLATE on our MemeFlate Market-Place to pay for products and services and much more.


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Our Team

MemeFlate $MFlate Ltd is currently being operated by the CEO solely, and is always looking for knowledgeable & talented individuals in the relevant fields to assist in building the project along side his self.